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We have an open heart for all our customers that are accessing our agency services, both incall or outcall, our experience has helped us to never let down, and have the highest number of returning customers in this industry. Customer experience has always been our top priority, while also making sure our team of escorts is able to deliver above the expectations of our customers.

We are getting a very large amount of feedback, and that’s how we improved, one of them, “Steve” actually which is a customer for over 7 years, and has always been happy with us, said the below:
“There are thousands of escort agencies in London, but there is only one that I chose to go in the past 7 years, and that is Ma’lovee Escorts Agency. If I travel for longer periods I would only choose to search on the escorts search engine, since I am getting only verified information, real profiles, and most importantly real reviews. Thank you and keep it up Malovee team !”

Meet happened a couple of months ago, can’t remember if before or after Christmas as everything has merged into one recently. All arranged via text, easy. Located not far from the parliament and flat was fine – easy to find, clean and no issues with other people kicking about. Without doubt the girl in the pics – she’s slim, quite small, nice bouncy ass and lovely small tits.

” Was a pretty vanilla meet – decent price for half an hour. No DFK, not sure if that’s her thing or just due to covid, but it didn’t bother me. Stripped each other off and she sat on my face. Very clean and tasty, she got nice and wet too. Turned into 69 where I got a good lick of her ass as well, again clean and she seemed to enjoy. I opted for OW, not sure if OWO on offer as I didn’t ask. Got up and bent her over the bed to fuck, followed by her on her back with her legs up over my shoulders. Finished over her stomach and tits. Pleasant enough chat and clean up and out the door. Straight forward, no hassle, good shag, nice girl. Positive from me”

Firstly, ive been a bit of a lurker, so apolgies for that. I hope to make up for it with this. Tbf, i havnt really had any poor experiences, and had only really well reviewed providers, mainly the same girl (your sexy katie) so always felt i had little to add. Anyhoo, i digress.

Liked the look of carol, but knew it was a bit risky as there was no info on her.

Communication, no issue. Very repsonsive.

Confirmed DFK and OWO.

Got into the flat, nice modern ones not too far from easter road. Plenty parking. Quiet, felt pretty safe. But enough flats in the block that i doubt anyone notices this caper.

Had originally arranged 30 mins, but had cash for an hour. Got in and laid eyes on her. Liked what i saw. She is the girl on the photos, albeit photo shopped and probably taken a few years ago, but stil hot. 7/10.  Shes probably early to mid 30s. Fake, but nice tits. Huge bubble butt. Bit of stretch marks/scarring.  Was wearing a tight top with loads of cleavage, really sexy.

Immediatly upgraded to and hour, and handed over the cash. First mistake. Went for my shower, got back out and she ushered me to her phone (she speaks very little english). Had a message typed in translate explaining that OWO waa 30 extra. I showed her my messages where she had agreed to OWO, but she didnt care. Tried to go for 30 mins with OWO, and again she said no. No FK either, couldnt be arsed arguing over that one.

Anyway, gave me pretty average OW for about a minute. Turned over and demanded i did her in doggy, did so for a few mins. Tried to get her in CG, but was lost in translation so got RCG. finished quite quick, she was a decent fuck tbf.

Then she spent about 20 minutes having a pretty heated argument with some guy on speakerphone, i assume in portguese. Was pretty fucked off at this point and nearly left, but wanted my moneys worth.

I was still soft, but she stuck another bag on and started stretching my cock with her mouth. Not very enjoyable but I did get hard after a but. Got her in CG for a few minutes, and got stuck in about her tits, really good ones for fakes. Got her in mish and enjoyed fucking her at my own pace and getting to suck her lovely tits, and she was fairly tight. easily the best part of the punt. Tbf, cummming twice so easily in an hr is decent for me. She could be a great punt but felt a bit done. No FK, no OWO, and no fingering (despite being advertised) all added to my mood. In hindsight, I know I should have checked this before, but still a negative for me.

Anyway, i hope this helps any would be punters wanting to see her”


Premium London Escorts – Kim at Ma’Lovee

Dear readers and subscribers, thank you for pushing us always to achieve more through our content, and as we promised last week today we will be sharing the first model from the Ma’Lovee Escorts, her name is Kim, and we have been delighted to meet her this week.

She is 25, a lovely age with a lot of energy as we can understand from the description from her page at Ma’Lovee, “Young, stunning beauty for your pleasure. Slim girl with wonderful body curves. Kim is the right girl for any situation.”. Her pictures will steel your eyes with desire right away, and her charm once you meet her will blow your mind away.

She is extremely discreet and can be your trust partner with any event, occasion or travel you would need her escort services for.

Young, stunning beauty for your pleasure. Slim girl with wonderful body curves. Kim is the right girl for any situation.

All the services are at the lady’s sole discretion!

Confidential and Guaranteed:

We guarantee your privacy and the utmost care is taken to preserve your confidentiality at all times.

Each of our girls use only genuine pictures and you can be completely confident that the girl you see on this web site will be the very same elite escort purring at your door.

We have been running an honest and trusted new agency and cater to elite gentlemen throughout the world – you can rely on us to handle your affairs with complete professionalism.

Thank you!

FK, OWO, GFE, 69, COB, body to body massage, Erotic massage, Prostate massage, Striptease, Light domination, Hard domination, Bi DUO, Humiliation, Role Play, Rimming receiving, Spanking giving
Uniforms, Foot fetish, Toys – strap-on, Party girl, MM double price
Filming with mask extra £100, Dinner date.


Before going ahead please read the following and AGREE to the terms. By agreeing to these terms you are providing your consent and are signing the agreement electronically.

All of our london escorts featured on our website gallery are self employed and are not employed by Ma’Lovee Escort. Every escort featured has freely chosen to be advertised on this advertising site is independent. We act as an introduction agency in an advertising and marketing capacity to promote and facilitate meetings between clients and escorts and any fee paid to any of the escorts is for their time and companionship only. Should anything else occur it is on the strict understanding that it will be a matter of choice between two consenting adults.

I DECLARE AND CONFIRM: That I am of at least 18 years of age and that the law in the area and locality of the country in which I reside it is not illegal to read and publish content of an adult nature on the internet. Our fees are for companionship only. Should anything else occur, it is on the strict understanding that it will be a matter of choice between two consenting adults. If you do not meet with or disagree with our conditions, PLEASE LEAVE NOW


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New year, new accomplishments. After a long rigorous search for a partnership with another London Escorts Agency, while we have had negotiated for the past few weeks, we are officially announcing that Martinmazze.EU is officially partnering with London’s most prestigious, luxurious, and premium Escorts agency. We are very proud of this partnership with the Ma’Lovee team and happy to share this news with our subscribers.

Starting next week we will be integrating models on our page, with member discounts included and will be available for you all year long.

So let me share one story with you!

Let us talk a bit about London escorts. We see them everywhere these days. Young, beautiful women dressed in designer clothes, brand handbags, extensions, perfect nails, and hair, always ready for a glass of champagne. Usually surrounded by powerful and rich men, with a tiny dog in their designer bags, and the phone glued to their hands. Their Instagram accounts show the exotic vacations they have been taken to, the five-star restaurants they dine to, the expensive champagne they are accustomed to.
A life that looks like a celebrity’s page.
I can spot them so fast now… I usually like to think about how did they get into this business. Is it the glamour, the money? Was it the poverty that pushes them to take this path? Maybe abusive parents? Husband? Did someone pushed them to do it, or it was a very thoughtful and assumed choice?
Maybe the girlfriend who started to show off her designer bags, the vacations, maybe she wanted that too. Maybe because life is short and that is the shortest way to an amazing life. To always be desired by rich and influential men, to be treated with nice gifts, and never think about cooking, cleaning, bills, or waking up to a normal job every morning.
Who can blame them? I say, thank you for the escorts! Thank you for these women, who are willing to do in bed what our wives and girlfriends will never do. Thank you for the escort that is always ready for sex when she is next to you, thank you for listening, thank you for always looking the best, smiling, no drama, bo tantrums.
We have all that back home, that’s why we need you. This is not odd to escorts, it’s just a realistic and pragmatic way of acknowledging escorts are a blessing after a long and stressful day at work, or around the house with the wife and kids.
Escorts are like a race car. They gave you that edge, that excitement, the feeling of a real man that can have it all, the adrenaline, the satisfaction, and overall testosterone boost.
A good escort will make you feel like you are the best lover, the most handsome man, the smartest, the best they ever had. She will make you feel like you can have any woman on this planet.
It’s true some of them can’t really speak proper English, not being native English speakers, but when you take her put for dinner, in that bandage dress, stiletto shoes, all men around will envy you. That feeling is so important, that the conversation, is not so important. After all, you don’t book an escort to talk politics with her. You book her for her looks and services. You book her because you need attention, you need great sex and a gorgeous woman next to you.
The one that talks a lot is the wife anyway, so being with someone that smiles more than they talk, is a breath of fresh air.
The other week I have booked this tall, blue-eyed, blonde, Russian girl and we went to a private party. I have felt the envy of every man in there and the jealousy of every woman in the room. She was radiant, smiling all the time, talking to everyone, so polite and well behaved. She never asked me when are we leaving, did not have to hear about her bitching about that woman’s dress, the other woman’s shoes, how Martha is always looking for attention, how Mark always gets drunk…
She was happy, relaxed, we left in the morning, makeup in the backseat of the car that drove us home, we made love till noon, sleep until the evening, order food, and had sex again. No rush, no stress. Just laughter and good times.


Best London Escorts

We started a small escorts agency, more like a family business with only 3 escorts, just over 20 years ago, and these escorts were also cousins actually so the family business is quite correct to say :), today, we are offering the most premium escorts available in London, with a history in mananing top tier events for some of the biggest corporate C-Levels and also very rich UAE nationals.

How we did it? That is a question we love to answer because it’s not something everyone is willing to do, or actually able to do. So back to the beginning, when we first started, everything happened at a family dinner, where our 3 cousins were invited, well there were actually 4, but one was younger and not so outgoing, as the other 3. During our meal, one of them, Maria is her name, the middle one of the three, started to tell us a story how she caught her boyfriend going on a date with an escort he found online. She was mostly upset because he paid a woman to date him, when he could buy her a gift since she was already dating him for over an year. So after that experience she started to read more and even call herself at an agency to find out more about this occupation.

She went out with one of the escorts that had more experience and started to dive into details, but the one detail she loved the most is when she understood that there is a huge difference between escorts and prostitutes, it’s the exact opposite actually. While a prostitute is exchanging sexual services for money, an escort is a highly elevated lady, that is experiencing nothing but the best for herself, and her services are actually charging for time spent together, either traveling, dating, going for events, or so on.

That was the moment her whole life changed and she took the decision to discuss it with the family. Which she did at our dinner, and it didn’t take more than two hours, we already took the decision to this exotic journey, and mark my words, exotic it was. I took a bank loan so that they can expand their wardrobe with classy clothes, rented a high-class location downtown, and after all the permits, and launched the services, in no time, we became extremely popular in London. We started to be assaulted by phone calls and visits from escorts from other agencies to join our team, however, we know by heart one extremely important rule, and that is “less is more”, and we took a slow expansion long journey, that got us this far.

This is how today our team of professionals have knowledge of the London escorts industry inside out. Actually, we all have different backgrounds, including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and others included that help us to understand how to share with our customers the best possible experience, the same way we started in London 2 decades ago.