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We have an open heart for all our customers that are accessing our agency services, both incall or outcall, our experience has helped us to never let down, and have the highest number of returning customers in this industry. Customer experience has always been our top priority, while also making sure our team of escorts is able to deliver above the expectations of our customers.

We are getting a very large amount of feedback, and that’s how we improved, one of them, “Steve” actually which is a customer for over 7 years, and has always been happy with us, said the below:
“There are thousands of escort agencies in London, but there is only one that I chose to go in the past 7 years, and that is Ma’lovee Escorts Agency. If I travel for longer periods I would only choose to search on the escorts search engine, since I am getting only verified information, real profiles, and most importantly real reviews. Thank you and keep it up Malovee team !”

Meet happened a couple of months ago, can’t remember if before or after Christmas as everything has merged into one recently. All arranged via text, easy. Located not far from the parliament and flat was fine – easy to find, clean and no issues with other people kicking about. Without doubt the girl in the pics – she’s slim, quite small, nice bouncy ass and lovely small tits.

” Was a pretty vanilla meet – decent price for half an hour. No DFK, not sure if that’s her thing or just due to covid, but it didn’t bother me. Stripped each other off and she sat on my face. Very clean and tasty, she got nice and wet too. Turned into 69 where I got a good lick of her ass as well, again clean and she seemed to enjoy. I opted for OW, not sure if OWO on offer as I didn’t ask. Got up and bent her over the bed to fuck, followed by her on her back with her legs up over my shoulders. Finished over her stomach and tits. Pleasant enough chat and clean up and out the door. Straight forward, no hassle, good shag, nice girl. Positive from me”

Firstly, ive been a bit of a lurker, so apolgies for that. I hope to make up for it with this. Tbf, i havnt really had any poor experiences, and had only really well reviewed providers, mainly the same girl (your sexy katie) so always felt i had little to add. Anyhoo, i digress.

Liked the look of carol, but knew it was a bit risky as there was no info on her.

Communication, no issue. Very repsonsive.

Confirmed DFK and OWO.

Got into the flat, nice modern ones not too far from easter road. Plenty parking. Quiet, felt pretty safe. But enough flats in the block that i doubt anyone notices this caper.

Had originally arranged 30 mins, but had cash for an hour. Got in and laid eyes on her. Liked what i saw. She is the girl on the photos, albeit photo shopped and probably taken a few years ago, but stil hot. 7/10.  Shes probably early to mid 30s. Fake, but nice tits. Huge bubble butt. Bit of stretch marks/scarring.  Was wearing a tight top with loads of cleavage, really sexy.

Immediatly upgraded to and hour, and handed over the cash. First mistake. Went for my shower, got back out and she ushered me to her phone (she speaks very little english). Had a message typed in translate explaining that OWO waa 30 extra. I showed her my messages where she had agreed to OWO, but she didnt care. Tried to go for 30 mins with OWO, and again she said no. No FK either, couldnt be arsed arguing over that one.

Anyway, gave me pretty average OW for about a minute. Turned over and demanded i did her in doggy, did so for a few mins. Tried to get her in CG, but was lost in translation so got RCG. finished quite quick, she was a decent fuck tbf.

Then she spent about 20 minutes having a pretty heated argument with some guy on speakerphone, i assume in portguese. Was pretty fucked off at this point and nearly left, but wanted my moneys worth.

I was still soft, but she stuck another bag on and started stretching my cock with her mouth. Not very enjoyable but I did get hard after a but. Got her in CG for a few minutes, and got stuck in about her tits, really good ones for fakes. Got her in mish and enjoyed fucking her at my own pace and getting to suck her lovely tits, and she was fairly tight. easily the best part of the punt. Tbf, cummming twice so easily in an hr is decent for me. She could be a great punt but felt a bit done. No FK, no OWO, and no fingering (despite being advertised) all added to my mood. In hindsight, I know I should have checked this before, but still a negative for me.

Anyway, i hope this helps any would be punters wanting to see her”

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